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Talisman Tate

Telgraf kanalının logosu notristantate — Talisman Tate
Telgraf kanalının logosu notristantate — Talisman Tate
Kanal adresi: @notristantate
Kategoriler: Bloglar
Dilim: Türk
aboneler: 140.12K
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2023-09-20 20:10:39 I meet the others who fly on private jets and drive Lamborghinis and let me tell you something…

Most of you reading this are smarter than many of them.

They simply try harder.

They aren’t a different species they are men just like you.

See you at the top.
15.1K views17:10
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2023-09-20 13:18:29 With endless ways to make money and to learn new things using just this device, playing mobile games is inexcusable.

Almost no exceptions. Chess? Long haul flights and you forgot to download your audible books?

I just can’t make it make sense.

Delete all your games.

21.1K views10:18
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2023-09-19 21:33:45
32.2K views18:33
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2023-09-19 20:13:35
Interviewing Mena from Ghana about her experience inside The Real World.

Join us -
31.6K views17:13
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2023-09-19 15:11:17
A 50 year old Ukranian man in poor physical condition with no training was mobilised and sent to fight the Russians.

He’s trying to get hold of 5000 dollars to buy a Toyota truck to go fight in.

His daughter messaged me, this was the conversation.

I fucking hate this war.
33.2K views12:11
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2023-09-19 15:00:09 Many people have regrets from their teenage years, exploring drugs or depraved sexual conduct.

I too explored something immoral and disgusting when I was young, it may be my biggest ever regret.


God forgive me.
32.2K views12:00
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2023-09-19 02:30:49 I want everybody who’s ever wronged me to know that I forgive them.

I refuse to go through my life harbouring hate in my heart.

This would be a prison from which there is no release.

I choose to be free.
32.9K views23:30
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2023-09-18 16:31:02
One of these men knowingly violated international child pornography laws to fuck boys 35 years younger than him and feed their drug habits, a predator to the vulnerable.

One was once voted worlds sexiest man and women adore him.

Guess who the BBC is calling a pervert today?
35.4K views13:31
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2023-09-18 15:21:34 I don’t believe in the concept of “hate crimes”.

Assault is assault, murder is murder.

What hate crime means to me is “the sentence is shorter if you hurt a straight white person”.

All crime is hate crime.
34.8K views12:21
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2023-09-15 22:08:57 I often think about the Roman Empire.

The eastern Roman Empire.

Constantinople IYKYK.
31.3K views19:08
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