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Vedantu NEET Official✅

Telgraf kanalının logosu vneetofficial — Vedantu NEET Official✅
Telgraf kanalının logosu vneetofficial — Vedantu NEET Official✅
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This is the New & Official Vedantu NEET Made Ejee group for all Medical aspirants who are preparing for NEET & 12th .

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2023-07-08 22:41:43 My dear night and early ,

Never compare your journey with others, as each of you is on your own unique path. Success isn't defined by how fast you achieve a goal, but by the passion, resilience, and dedication you demonstrate along the way. And each one of you is a success story in the making

Lots of love and blessings!!
1.1K viewsAnand Prakash, 19:41
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2023-07-07 16:38:34
2.0K viewsEkta Soni, 13:38
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2023-07-06 17:36:54
2.4K viewsAnubha Gaur, 14:36
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2023-07-05 21:37:50 Hi Mere pyare Night and Early ,

We are halfway through another remarkable week of learning and growing together!! (aadha Week beet gaya ab kewal aadha hi bacha hai)!!

Remember that there is no growth without challenges. Each day brings us new hurdles, new opportunities to learn and expand our horizons. But, amidst all these challenges, always remember - you are capable, you are resilient, and you are extraordinary.

Every single one of you is unique, with special talents and skills that make you, you. And that's your superpower. The world doesn't need you to be perfect, it needs you to be you.

When you feel overwhelmed or tired, take a breath, remind yourself of your worth, and keep going. Every step you take, no matter how small, is a step towards your goals. You have already come so far, don't let a hurdle stop you. Use it as a stepping stone instead.

So let's finish this week strong. Let's celebrate our small wins, learn from our mistakes, and always strive to do better. Let's continue to support each other, to learn from each other, and to grow together.

Lots of love and Blessings!!
2.1K viewsAnand Prakash, 18:37
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2023-07-05 15:17:47

Hi Bachon,
Those who are planning to repeat this year and are looking for some place where they can be guided and groomed for the upcoming exam, here is a good news!!! V are planning to start the offline center in bangalore under my guidance!! Me and Pulkit sir are going to have a detailed session on why you should join this course!! Seats are very limited (only 100 for JEE) as I'll be doing personal planning of each and every student!! If you want to know more regarding the same please join this session!! Will be live after a ling time!! Super duper Excited to meet you all!!
Love Blessings!!
4.3K viewsAnand Prakash, 12:17
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2023-07-04 21:41:40 Vedantu NEET Official pinned «»
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2023-07-04 21:41:36
2.2K viewsAnubha Gaur, 18:41
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2023-07-04 17:34:06
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2023-07-04 15:34:26
2.0K viewsAnubha Gaur, 12:34
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2023-07-03 19:36:30
2.2K viewsAnubha Gaur, 16:36
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